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Financial Information > Benefits and Allowances


Citizens Advice Bureaux

Free, confidential, independent advice for all ages, including howing, legal and money problems.  Local bureaux have wheelchair access and induction loops.  The national website has on onlune advice guide and details of advice sessions in other counties.  The local site has full details for Nottinghamshire sessions.

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Bassetlaw District Council - Housing Benefit

These pages tell you how you can get help with paying your rent and Council Tax through the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit schemes.

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First Contact Signposting Scheme

One simple checklist helping people aged 60 and over to stay safe and independent in their own homes.

It saves people contacting lots of different organisations (e.g. Fire Service, Pension Service, Crime Reduction) to find out what they offer – the services come to you!

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Department of Work & Pensions - Disabled People & Carers

DWP is responsible for a range of benefits and services for people who are sick or disabled, and their carers.

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Simon Jessop

I am an independent registered private Social Worker for older people and adults. I have over 34 years of experience in social care and the NHS. 

Services include: Dementia Companion Service-also-

  • brokering someone's Personal Budget-organising their care etc.
  • Working with people who fund their own services-assessments, researching local care options and reviewing these once they have started.
  • Working with people whose needs are viewed as too low by the council and so do not receive an assessment from the council.
  • Long term care planning-care homes.
  • Reviews for people already placed within care homes.
  • Assessments and planning for respite services.
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Age UK - Advice

Age UK's advice line.

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Age UK - Claiming Benefits

More than £5 billion of means-tested benefits go unclaimed by older people every year – let us help make it easier.

Are you claiming the right benefits? Find out what you are entitled to and how to claim.

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Benefits Advice and Information

  • Advice and information on all social security benefits including:
    • Attendance Allowance
    • Disability Living Allowance
    • Pension Credit
    • Carers Allowance
    • Housing and Council Tax Benefit
  • Free confidential home visiting service
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Nottingham and District Pre-Retirement Council

We provide courses covering topics such as health, finance, legal advice, consumer rights, benefits and income tax.  We also offer Peace of Mind courses aimed at those over 65 and those with aged parents.

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Personal Independence Payment

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) started to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people of working age (16 – 64) with a health condition or disability from 8 April 2013.
Who is the benefit aimed at?
  • Long-term ill / disabled
Who qualifies for the benefit?

To qualify for PIP, you must have a long-term health condition or disability and have difficulties with activities related to:

  • "daily living" - if you need help with things like preparing or eating food, washing and bathing, dressing and undressing, reading, using the toilet, communicating, managing your medicines or treatments, making decisions about money.

  • mobility - if you need help with going out or moving around

 You must have had these difficulties for 3 months and expect them to last for at least 9 months.

How to apply

If you get DLA you will be contacted and invited to claim PIP. Most people who receive DLA wont be affected until 2015 or later. You may be affected earlier if you have a change of circumstances or you reach the end of your existing DLA award.  

The change from DLA to PIP only affects you if you are aged 16 to 64 from 8 April 2013. Use the PIP checker 1to find out what happens to your DLA when you turn either 16 or 65.

New Claims - PIP was introduced for new claims in parts of the north of England from 8 April 2013. It will be introduced nationwide from 10 June 2013.

To make a new claim from 10 June 2013 call 0800 917 2222 or use textphone 08009177777 

For further details on the application process go to the Personal Independence Payments2 pages on the GOV.UK website.  

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Nottingham City Council - Welfare Rights Service

The Welfare Rights Service is part of Nottingham City Council's Adult Services, Housing and Health department. We provide a comprehensive welfare benefits advice service targeted at some of the most vulnerable people known to the department through our direct advice provision and indirectly through our funding of voluntary sector advice services.

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Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA)

The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency (SPVA) provides support to anyone who has served in HM Armed Forces, even just for a day.  Providing advice on benefits, compensation payments, pensions, employment and much more.

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Income Support and Tax Credits

If you are under 60 years old, on a low income, and have savings up to 16,000 you should be eligible to receive income support.

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Employment and Support Allowance

An earnings replacement benefit paid because you are unable to work due to illness or disability. You will be medically assessed as part of the claim process and then put into one of two groups depending on the severity of your health needs.
Who is the benefit aimed at?
  • Long-term ill / disabled
Who qualifies for the benefit?

A person will qualify for the benefit if they are found to have 'limited capability for work' because of ill health or a disability.

How to apply

To make a claim phone          0800 055 6688

Or use the Textphone            0800 023 4888

To discuss an existing claim please phone the relevant number for your area found below

            DN10 (Harworth)                   -           0845 6088 508

            DN22 (Retford)                      -           0845 6088 518

            S81 (Langold)                       -            0845 6088 518

            Mansfield                               -           0845 6088 518

            NG17 (Sutton/Kirkby)           -             0845 6088 518

            NG15 (Hucknall)                    -            0845 6088 528

            Nottingham                            -           0845 6088 528

            NG13 (Elton)                          -           0845 6088 528

            NG24 (Newark)                     -            0845 6088 528

            NG16 (Eastwood)                 -            0845 6088 506

            LE12 (East Leake)               -             0845 6088 525 

Click on the link to download an application form. 

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Carers Allowance Fact Sheet

A weekly benefit paid to those who care for someone with an illness or disability.
Who is the benefit aimed at?
  • Carers
Who qualifies for the benefit?

The claimant must be caring for at least 35 hours per week, cannot be in full time education and cannot be earning more than £100 per week.
The person they are caring for must be in receipt of Attendance Allowance or Disability Living Allowance at the middle rate or higher rate care component rate.

How to apply

To order an application form phone      0845 6084321

To discuss an existing claim phone       0845 6084321

To use the textphone phone                0845 6045312

Download an application form 1or apply online2.


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Benefits and Financial Help

Sources of benefits guidance and financial help

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Attendance Allowance

What is Attendance Allowance? (AA)

Attendance Allowance is a non taxable weekly benefit for people over 65 who need a lot of looking after because they have an illness or disability.

  • AA is not means tested - your income and savings (or those of your partner) are not looked at when the decision is made about awarding AA.

  • Receiving AA may entitle you to other benefits (or increase the value of those benefits). The introduction of the new Personal Independence Payment benefit1 does not affect Attendance Allowance.

  • AA is available whether you live alone or with other people.

For more information about AA, download our factsheet [PDF]2.


Who qualifies for Attendance Allowance?

You must be:

  • 65 or over

  • have needed help for at least six months.

  • expect to need help for at least a further six months.

Examples of people awarded AA

Mr Lewis has a bad heart and recently suffered a mild stroke. He is unsteady on his feet and often falls. His neighbours call in to check he is alright and help him get dressed and go to the toilet. He gets the lower rate of Attendance Allowance.

Mrs Jones lives with her daughter. She is very forgetful and confused and sometimes leaves the gas rings on and forgets to get dressed. She cannot be left safely in the house on her own at night as she may wander. She gets the higher rate of Attendance Allowance.

How much is Attendance Allowance worth?

It is paid at two rates depending on how much care you need.

  • Lower Rate - £53.00 per week
  • Higher Rate - £79.15 per week


People who are terminally ill

People who are terminally ill (where death can reasonably be expected within 6 months) automatically receive the higher rate of AA. This applies whether the person needs extra help or not. The person does not need to have required help for the previous 6 months.

These claims are dealt with quicker than standard claims.

There is a special section in the AA claim pack to complete in this situation.

This is known as claiming under Special Rules and the website3 has more information.

How to claim Attendance Allowance

Getting help with filling in the application form

The form is quite long and complicated but there is help available.

Form filling guides

Use our form filling guides if you need help with the application form.

Online support

Many organisations supporting people with specific conditions offer advice on form filling on their websites. See our How to get advice page9 for details.

In person
Our Benefits advice sessions page10 lists local organisations that can offer help with filling in forms.

Existing claims

To discuss an existing claim for AA:

  • Phone 08457 123456
  • Textphone 08457 22 44 33

If you are refused Attendance Allowance


Our Challenging decisions page11 gives further advice if your claim is turned down or you do not believe you have been awarded the right rate of AA. 

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Disability Living Allowance

A non taxable weekly benefit paid to people from birth to 65 who have attention or supervision needs because they have an illness or disability, or who have difficulty with their mobility. If you claim before the age of 65 your claim can continue after this age.

Who is the benefit aimed at?

  • Long-term ill / disabled
  • Have a disabled child
Who qualifies for the benefit?
Someone under the age of 65 who has either/or mobility or personal care needs and meets the Disability Living Allowance criteria.  
How to apply

To discuss an existing claim phone      08457 12 34 56

Or use the textphone service              08457 22 44 34  

Click on the links to download an application form 1or apply online2.    

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Disability Benefits Checklist

A checklist of which benefits you may be entitled to and how much you can expect to receive.

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Gedling Borough Council - Council Tax Benefit

Housing and Council Tax Benefit are "means tested" benefits. Your income is compared with your "needs allowance" which is laid down by the Government and is dependant on your household circumstances. These benefits can be claimed by anyone on a low income, who has capital of less than 16,000. There is no capital limit for people who receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.

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