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Newark & Sherwood Community & Voluntary Service - Voluntary Transport Scheme

Voluntary transport scheme for use by those over 60, under 16 and anyone with a permanent disability which makes travel on public transport difficult.

Charges apply, price varies depending on destination. Please contact Judy Byron for further information.

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Eastwood Volunteer Bureau Car Scheme

This voluntary transport scheme is for the people of the North Broxtowe area (Awsworth, Brinsley, Cossall, Eastwood, Giltbrook, Kimberley, Newthorpe, Nuthall and Watnall) who are unable to use public transport.  

All our drivers are volunteers, using their own vehicles and are only paid expenses to cover their running costs.

Who can use the voluntary car scheme?

  • Anyone unable to use public transport because of disabilities.
  • Anyone isolated geographically where no bus services are available.
  • In certain circumstances people unable to afford taxis.
  • All passengers must be able to get in and out of a car without being lifted or needing a lot of assistance.

What type of trips will the voluntary car scheme cover?

Provided the passenger qualifies, we would consider accommodating most types of journeys. Typical examples are:

  • Opticians, dentists, doctors.
  • Visiting friends / relatives (at home or in hospital).
  • Shopping (various destinations)
  • Going to clubs, groups etc.
  • Most social events
  • One way hospital trips to appointments.

How much does it cost?

Our current charges are from May 1st 2012, the charges will be as follows:

  • Passengers must be registered as members.  Membership is free but registration must be completed before the first journey.
  • Each trip costs 45p per mile calculated from the drivers home and back.  There is also a booking fee of £1.00 per passenger.
  • Total costs are shared if more than one passenger is travelling.
  • All trips are subject to the availability of a volunteer driver.

How can journeys be arranged?

Contact the bureau by calling our transport booking department direct on 01773 537892 or 01773 535255

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm.  At other times please leave a message on our answering machine.

The more notice you give us (at least 48 hours except in emergency) the more likely it is that we will be able to help.  

All bookings should be done through the office, NOT through the drivers.

Please remember that our drivers are volunteers, giving up their free time to provide this service.  If any passenger is abusive or can travel by other means they can be refused the right to travel with us.

If you have any questions or would like more information then please ring us or call into the bureau during office hours for a chat about your transport needs - you have nothing to lose.

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Collingham & District Village Care Transport Scheme

This is an independent volunteers association since 1982 which provides support to the patients of the practice, the residents of Collingham and the Medical Centre. Their activities include a transport scheme and meetings with health and social topics. The transport scheme is provided at a concessionary rate, as all drivers are volunteers. You can book your transport through the Co-ordinator on 01636 893001. The opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday (8.30 am – 6.00 pm). It is the donations of the Collingham residents and users of the transport scheme that allow this local support to continue. Details of Committee members, social events and transport information can be found on the Village Care notice board in the waiting room of the medical centre.

The Collingham Village Care Committee and Transport Scheme would be delighted to welcome any member of the local community who feel that they would be able to volunteer or donate time towards this highly valued community support. Please contact Barbara Stocks, Chair person, on 01636 892669.

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Burton Joyce & Bulcote Voluntary Transport Scheme

The scheme mainly provides transport for medical services for those in the two villages who are unable to make their own arrangements.

Folding wheelchairs can be accommodated by prior arrangement and passengers must be able to get in and out of the car unaided.  Drivers can only offer an arm to lean on as they are not trained or insured to lift.

Please contact the scheme directly for details of charges.

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Bramcote Care Group

To provide help to residents in Bramcote and Bramcote Hills area who require assistance with transport to medical appointments, shopping, collection of prescriptions etc, but all requests will be considered. The volunteers also aim to signpost residents to other assistance, where this is deemed necessary.

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The Helpful Bureau - Transport Scheme

Who can use this service?
If you live in South Broxtowe and have difficulty accessing or using public transport, then you can use The Helpful Bureau Transport scheme.

Where can I go?
Our volunteer drivers can take you to the doctor, dentist, “60 in South Broxtowe at St Helen's Church Hall, shopping, hairdresser, social events, to see a friend etc. Just ask.

How much will it cost?
The mileage is calculated from the driver leaving his/her house to returning to their home. Please contact us for more details.

How do I pay?
The fare is payable to the driver who will work out the mileage and the correct charge. You will be asked to sign a receipt, which the driver will give to you.

How do I book a journey?

We need at least 48 hours notice for you to book a journey, but the more you can give us the better. We will do our best to get a driver for your journey. If no drivers are available we will call you back and let you know. Please remember that all our drivers are volunteers who give freely of their time.

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Door to Door

How it works

  • Clients register annually with Door2Door and thereafter pay a mileage charge to the driver to cover fuel costs
  • Drivers are volunteers who have their own cars and must provide detailed information and undergo checks
  • Volunteer drivers are recruited across the whole district to enable Door2Door to meet the needs of the whole community
  • Drivers are provided with ID badges and Ready Reckoners to calculate charges
  • A record is kept by Door2Door of all journeys undertaken, mileage and charges made
  • Clients can book trips to any social occasions such community clubs, support groups, shopping, leisure activities or visiting friends and family, Church, hairdressers etc


Door2Door helps people in the community who have difficulty accessing affordable transport. The service is available to anyone over 60 or with a disability, either permanent or temporary living in the Newark & Sherwood district.

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Bassetlaw Community Car Scheme

If you are unable to make your journey by public transport or none is available, perhaps the Bassetlaw Community Car Scheme  Volunteer Drivers could help.

All clients must register with the scheme and become a member.

Full membership is £20 per annum.

Monthly membership is £5 and will allow you to use the scheme on a temporary basis for 1 month.

Day Rehabilitation membership is free of charge and is only for those clients whose journeys are booked directly through the Primary Care Centre.

Carers membership is free of charge and is for people who need to accompany another member of the scheme.

N.B. If you register with Day Rehabilitation or Carer membership you cannot travel with the scheme for any other purpose without becoming a Full or Monthly member.

The cost of each journey is 30p per mile for every mile the driver travels. There is a booking fee of £1 which is added to the cost of all journeys.

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Our Centre - Voluntary Car Scheme

The Kirkby and Selston Voluntary Car Scheme provides transport for people who are unable to use public transport or who live in areas where no public transport is available.

48 hours notice is required for all bookings, and a charge of 42p per mile (21p per mile for concessionary bus pass holders) applies.

Contact Tim Cooper for more information.

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Thorney, Harby & Wigsley Voluntary Car Scheme

A voluntary car scheme that can be accessed by anyone in Harby, Thorney & Wigsley without their own transport.

A charge of 38p per mile applies.

Contact Mrs D E Duffy for more information.

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Rushcliffe Voluntary Transport Scheme

Rushcliffe Voluntary Transport Scheme helps people with no alternative means of transport to make necessary journeys. These include visiting the dentist, GP, optician, chiropodist, shopping, social club, college and visiting relatives/friends in hospital.

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Gedling CVS Transport Scheme

Gedling CVS Voluntary Transport Scheme provides a service for residents in the Borough of Gedling who experience permanent or temporary mobility difficulties using public transport as a result of age, illness or infirmity, disability, location, geographical or social isolation, and who have no other means of transport available to them.

Currently, there is an annual registration fee of £10.00 per person, renewable annually on 1 April.

Journeys are currently charged at 38p per mile which is paid by the client to the driver.  There is also a minimum charge of £2.28 for journeys that are less than 6 miles.

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Ashfield Voluntary Action - Social Car Scheme

Voluntary car scheme for members of the public who find it difficult to access public transport.

A charge of 43p per mile or 50p per mile for hospital appointments applies (plus £2.50 booking fee on hospital appointment).

Contact Linda Powell/Janet Richardson for more information.

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Ravenshead Ready Call

A good neighbour scheme providing voluntary help with transport, shopping, prescriptions and small practical tasks. For those in need in the community of Ravenshead.

Volunteers meet informally 2 or 3 times a year. The Committee meets at least 4 times a year. Various meeting places.

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East Leake Community Care Association

A caring organisation run by volunteers. We provide a variety of services including:

  • A Day Centre (one day per fortnight)
  • A Transport Scheme for the elderly and disabled.
  • A Befriending Scheme
  • A Carers Support Scheme
  • A Bereavement Group
  • Together with East Leake Parish Council -a Shopping bus (Wed. mornings)
  • Additionally we have equipment for loan for example wheel chairs, walking aids.

For further information contact Doris Elcock (01509 852778)

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